Human-driven data labeling for Ai model training

Training data services that deliver success

Data labeling & technology services for better business decisions

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Accurate, expedited

Audio & text labeling

Extracting insights for better decisions

  • Content moderation
  • Intent variation
  • Sentiment and intent
  • Topic classification
  • Dictionaries & word lists
  • Language detection
  • Text summarization
  • Utterance collection
Audio & text labeling
Spontaneous and Scripted

Audio collection

In-studio voicing graphic

In-studio, multi-speaker voicing on dedicated tracks

More than 20 years‘ experience in managing multi-lingual translation and audio collection

Mobile based audio collection graphic

Mobile-based audio collection & script voicing

Xelex‘s mobile app makes collection of audio content secure and effortless

Language translation

for NLP model tuningWe translate English speech output into more than 60 languages

Meticulous, accurate translations focused on accuracy and idiomatic equivalencies

Language translation graphic

Verbatim transcription

for model tuningMulti-language, highly accurate transcription

Simple, uncluttered display is hot-key driven for speed

Verbatim transcription graphic

Platform as a service

for text and audio labeling
Xelex platoform graphic