Data curation for ambient listening and conversational summarization

Healthcare’s most accurate and reliable training data services provider.

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Better ASR model correction for contact center solutions

Accurate, rapid transcript correction for better customer speech models.

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At-scale data collection for language model creation

Reliable, locally sourced localization of speech samples and matching text.

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Xelex provides training data to technology companies for use in improving the accuracy of their artificial intelligence applications.

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“We rely on Xelex’s highly accurate data for improving our models. Plus, the Xelex platform gives all stakeholders in the company the kind of access to projects we’ve not had before“

- Tim Wallick, Vice President Operations
Voci Technologies

“Xelex brings to the market an impressively comprehensive solution for text and audio labeling. In addition, their global workforce handles all aspects of data collection, curation, and annotation for high-value business applications.“

- Andreea Bodnari, Product Manager
Google Cloud

“The beauty of Xelex is how quick and easy it is to learn and use. It is so intuitive and straightforward that it has increased our team efficiency significantly. Our clients and users are equally happy that they have Xelex.“

- Arvind Manohar, President
NuScript LLC

Why choose Xelex for your text classification?

High-quality data labeling services for text and audio

Unify platforms & vendors into one data collection & annotation tool

Provide workflow tools to vendors without a platform

Automate machine learning loop for vendor corrections

Manage AI data efficiently at scale

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The first fully interoperable platform for data annotation

Xelex lets you integrate and manage our team, your team and your outside vendors in one unified workflow

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Xelex Workflow Manager text labeling tool

Processing stages


Manual or automatic interface of your raw data with high-security encryption


Single or multiple channel audio in a range of formats


JSON, csv, API or direct link to S3

Pre-annotated data

Import pre-annotated data for QA and machine learning correction

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Create & Manage

Set up data training projects in minutes, manage every resource from one console

Quick spin-up

Wide range of project types for text and audio

Visibility & control

Control every client, project, team and annotator from one screen

Tracking progress

See data objects move through the workflow in real time

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Training Data Services

Accurate, reliable training data services integrated with your in-house and vendor teams

Our team

Staff in 10 different time zones provide, accurate, expedited labeling in multiple languages

Your team

Provide visibility and project access to all stakeholders


Vendors label using Xelex's tools or via an integration with their own platform

Label graphic

QA & Review

Manual or automated QA workflow that integrates disparate platforms into one unified workflow

Within platform

Assign number of judgments and QA stages

Machine learning loop

Enable validation loop to automatically route data back to QA

Within vendor platform

Integrate vendor annotation and QA into multi-team workflow

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Versatile interface engine built for security and flexibility


Client-driven format for maximum flexibility


Secure, flexible options for data delivery in real time or batches


Experts in interfacing into external data management systems

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Roots in healthcare data management

HIPAA-level data security and compliance

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  • Stringent access controls

    Audit trails, user & role-based permissions

  • Redundant and reliable

    Powered by AWS with geographic redundancy

  • Superior uptimes

    Uptimes exceeding 99.9%

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