Data curation for ambient listening and conversational summarization

Healthcare’s most accurate and reliable training data services provider.

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Better ASR model correction for contact center solutions

Accurate, rapid transcript correction for better customer speech models.

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At-scale data collection for language model creation

Reliable, locally sourced localization of speech samples and matching text.

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Xelex provides training data to technology companies for use in improving the accuracy of their artificial intelligence applications.

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23+ Million

Clinical reports processed


Healthcare providers serviced

45 Million

Recorded audio minutes processed


Healthcare facilities served

“We rely on Xelex’s highly accurate data for improving our models. Plus, the Xelex platform gives all stakeholders in the company the kind of access to projects we’ve not had before“

- Tim Wallick, Vice President Operations
Voci Technologies

“Xelex brings to the market an impressively comprehensive solution for text and audio labeling. In addition, their global workforce handles all aspects of data collection, curation, and annotation for high-value business applications.“

- Andreea Bodnari, Product Manager
Google Cloud

“The beauty of Xelex is how quick and easy it is to learn and use. It is so intuitive and straightforward that it has increased our team efficiency significantly. Our clients and users are equally happy that they have Xelex.“

- Arvind Manohar, President
NuScript LLC

Projects we do

Abstract Summarization

Manually created, highly accurate summaries from verbatim source content. Summaries capture all topically relevant information in either structured or unstructured formats and templates while excluding irrelevant content.

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ASR Model Correction

Our meticulous, at-scale correction of ASR transcripts results in contact center speech models that are more accurate, and yield more valuable insights and business intelligence for contact center customers.

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Hallucination Identification

Xelex AI excels at classifying hallucination types for model correction, including nuanced tasks like identifying partially correct statements, and identifying the source material used in misinterpretations.

Hallucination Identification graphic

Text Classification

Robust tooling. A highly experienced workforce. Both equip Xelex AI to deliver highly accurate and dependable data classification services across a wide range of domains.

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Healthcare Model Correction

Xelex AI has curated thousands of hours of exam room conversations and are experts at data curation projects that help improve healthcare large language model accuracy.

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Utterance Collection

Xelex AI excels at voicing and collecting high-fidelity audio source material for large language model creation and refinement, including synthetic office note dictation and exam room conversations.

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How Xelex AI’s training data services work

Project specs defined & guidelines developed

Team is assigned based on project specs

Tooling configured to meet project requirements

Client data imported and reviewed

Data processed with on-going small batch deliveries

Project evaluated and changes incorporated into next batch

Roots in healthcare data management

HIPAA-level data security and compliance

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  • Stringent access controls

    Audit trails, user & role-based permissions

  • Redundant and reliable

    Powered by AWS with geographic redundancy

  • Superior uptimes

    Uptimes exceeding 99.9%

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